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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the objective of FelixEntertainmentDotCom?

FelixEntertainmentDotCom is an entertainment showbiz portal for promoting performing arts and independent works. We operate an entertainment independent network for independent talents, producers and promoters to form "win-win" partnerships in projects they endeavor. Our dual philosophy: provide innovative content choices for a niche market and promote the works of our partners.

Q. What is the income source?

FelixEntertainmentDotCom is unlike other mainstream Internet set-up dependent on tough advertising revenues and petty sale commissions. Our income is broad and multi-level: 1. Entertainment production (independent music, digital video, feature film, boardgame, etc.), 2. Entertainment services (talent management, talent booking, event management, equipment rental, studio hiring, entertainment consulting, merchant referral, etc.), and 3. Entertainment on demand (music MP3, video stream, Internet radio, web TV, etc.).

Q. What is the target market?

Our business is for Asia and global. We offer innovative content choices for a niche market and value-added services for the entertainment industry -- via conventional outlets and online channels.

Q. Who is the main competitor?

Our entertainment independent network has talent resources in numbers and diversity. Real competition is innovative content choices versus mainstream products. We have advantage in terms of low production costs and product innovations.

Q. What is the promotion strategy?

Our advertising and promotions are different from mainstream entertainment portals. We are not throwing good money because of limited capital. We will therefore invest in entertainment projects that offer product variety and visibility. We practice 'cross promotion' for products and services as cheap and effective tools to create brand awareness. We employ cutting edge technology in particular the Internet and digital broadband to enhance market presence and maximize delivery.

Q. How is the project funding?

FelixEntertainmentDotCom maintains minimal overhead (rentals, utilities and payrolls). Our personnel are freelancing on project basis. We work on shoestring budgets with minimal capital. Main funding is for 'bread and butter' (i.e. entertainment production). Our strategy is maximizing return on product copyright that generates 'spin-off' revenues over long period. We are looking for entrepreneur, organization or foundation to become business and/or project partner on profits sharing.

Q. How large is the independent network?

FelixEntertainmentDotCom already has 500 members comprising independent talents (actors, singers, musicians, producers, performing artists, comedians, writers, filmmakers, film crew, graphic artists, etc.) and various entertainment e-groups. We continously are looking for independent talents to join our multi-disciplinary team. Our personnel are remunerated for professional services rendered based on commission, fee, profit sharing and/or royalty per industry.

Q. Where is the location?

FelixEntertainmentDotCom is based in Southeast Asia. Our mobile business is borderless.

Q. What is the paid-up capital?

FelixEntertainmentDotCom is a virtual set-up. Our initial assets are business portal, people and projects.

Q. When commence business?

Our entertainment showbiz portal was launched on 1 February 1997. We are amongst Asia's pioneer 'mobile business'. FelixEntertainmentDotCom version 2001 has our own domain, larger contents and new innovations.

Q. How many visitors to date?

FelixEntertainmentDotCom received visitors from many parts of the globe. We are targeting 'value-added' visitors (independent talent, newly artist, freelancer, project partner, business partner, venture capital, producer, promoter, etc.) to form 'win-win' partnerships.

Q. What is the advertising revenue?

Advertising is not main source of income. We provide product placement as a component of our services. Our rates are competitive. We are selective, preferring advertisers with business synergy.

Q. Is it B2B or B2C?

FelixEntertainmentDotCom provides B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer). We also promote P2P (Peer to Peer) for DIY entertainment. For instance, visitor to our showbiz portal can engage a talent resource to exchange ideas and create. There are various e-groups for members to network and play.

Q What is the overall strategy?

FelixEntertainmentDotCom is antithesis of mainstream Internet portals. As one of Asia's pioneer mobile business, we have a matured perspective of problems faced by many dotcoms. Our approach is to find viable solution to problem and translate that into opportunity. We have pioneered many innovations in our business operations. The overall strategy is building a full proof business model.

We are looking for entrepreneur, organization or foundation
to be our business and/or project partner.

Interested party can mailto felix-entertainment.com
or contact us at the addresses below giving self introduction and brief particulars.

c/o Block 276, # 02-248, Yishun Street 22, Singapore 760276

c/o F-4-13 Block F, Seroja Apt., Jalan Putra Perdana 10,
Taman Putra Perdana, 47130 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia


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