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Posted: 13 March 2009
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: LES' COPAQUE is giving the opportunitiy to aspiring creative people for a chance to be a director for a NEW Live Action Film fully funded by Les' Copaque. We are also looking for interested individuals to join the film crew and execute the production. Les' Copaque already has the story edea, research and concept done, but needs a director to write and direct the film. This will be your shining opportunity to showcase your talent. Applicants will be put through a pitching process to present their portfolio and prove to the panel that you can direct the film. So what are you waiting for? Apply now!
More info at http://gengmovie.blogspot.com/2009/03/looking-for-directors-for-new-live.html

Posted: 1 March 2009
Location: Borneo
Posting: I am looking for an experienced production manager or asst. producer for a 10 day documentary shoot in Borneo. The dates of shoot are tentatively on 17-26 Mar 2009. We need someone who has had a year or so at least experience in news, magazine shows or documentary shoots. Please email [expired] with your contact, recent job experience / resume. Thanks, Lydia

Posted: 23 February 2009
Location: Jakarta
Posting: Dibutuhkan Junior Video Editor. Fresh Graduate - SMK Multimedia, D1, D3 atau S1. Syarat: Menguasai Adobe After Effect atau program compositing lainnya. + Menguasai Adobe Premiere atau program editing lainnya. + Mampu bekerja dalam team. + Mandiri & ulet, suka dengan tantangan. Scope pekerjaan: 1) Editing & Graphics Animation (Animated Logo). 2) Animation (Simple Animation). Kirimkan: Surat lamaran + Daftar riwayat kerja (Curiculum video) - disertai photo di dalamnya + portfolio (CD/DVD) ke ECCLESIA PRODUCTION, Rasuna office Park Unit MR 06 & 11, Rasuna Episentrum Complex, Jl. Hr Rasuna Said. Telp: (021) 83786499. Surat lamaran & Daftar Riwayat hidup/kerja dapat dikirimkan via email terlebih dahulu ke [expired]. Portfolio dapat disusulkan lewat pos. Pada subject email sertakan code-> EDITOR: Nama anda. Contoh -> EDITOR: Deni Rahadian. Terimakasih, HR Ecclesia Production

Posted: 21 January 2009
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: A team of ardent filmmakers with experience in international acclaimed films is currently seeking well rounded individual with interest in film making to be part of the team. We offer a four month internships starting from Feb 2009. Interns will experience day-to-day activities which involved in making creative decisions, logistic planning and gain hands-on experience in film making. The production covers allowance, insurance and accommodation for those applicable. Qualifications: A keen interest in film making. + Fast learner, energetic and efficient individual. + Ability to work for long hours. + Ability to work well independently and as part of a team. + Posses own transportation is an advantage. How to Apply: Please email resume and any applicable information to [expired]

Posted: 17 January 2009
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: We are currently working on a number of projects for the local TV stations for the year 2009, and we are looking for directors, art directors and production managers for some of our projects. Do send us your resume if you are interested in these positions and working on some of our TV projects. You can send them to [expired]. Regards, Catherine

Posted: 8 January 2009
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: We are looking for: 1) Animators. 2) Compositors. Project: Visual effects for feature films. Duration: 4-5 months. Requirements: 1) Love for the art. 2) Able to handle Maya (for animators), Combustion or Shake (compositors). Those interested please send your resume and reels to: [expired] or Abd Samad Hassan, No 4, Jalan Lembah, 5/2 Seksyen 5 (Jalan Gasing), Petaling Jaya 46000, Selangor.

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