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Posted: 31 March 2005
Location: Singapore
Posting: a) Asian Subtitling - Required candidates with specialization in translation for subtitling from English to Asian languages: Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Japanese, Malay, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Khmer, Tagalog, etc. Minimum 5-8 years experience reqd in Subtitling from English to above languages * should be able to download large movie files from ftp * quality check & quick turn-around * Competitive pricing. b) Asian Voice overs - Required candidates with specialization in Voice over for Asian languages: Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Japanese, Malay, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Khmer, Tagalog, etc. Minimum 5-8 years experience reqd in Voiceover for all media formats * should have access to inhouse recording facilities & be able to send audio files via ftp * available at short notice * Competitive pricing. Send detailed resume with Chinese (traditional/Simplified) in "subject line" at [expired] . Thanks, Lawrence.

Posted: 31 March 2005
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: MONSOON PICTURES is a motion picture production house based in KL, with strategic links to the digital media and publishing fields. We currently seek qualified individuals for Assistant Producer (2 Positions). Should possess a film/broadcast or multimedia background, preferably 20-26 years old with pleasant disposition, own transportation, able to work long hours (including weekends if necessary), computer literate, effective writing skills and most importantly, the ability to successfully undertake both administrative and on-the-ground production duties. Salary scale: RM 1,500 onwards, salary commensurates with experience and qualification. Please extend resumes to: [expired] c.c. all correspondences to [expired]

Posted: 30 March 2005
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: hi everyone. i m shooting a 16mm short in mid april n m casting for two characters; both looking around the age of 20-25. 1) male; tall, any race, preferably strong n unique facial features. 2) female; not so tall, preferably chinese, 'cute' youthful face with long hair. no acting experience necessary, minimum token fee of rm100 each. shoot will be from afternoon till evening (only day scenes) for one or two day(s) between 13 and 16 Apr 2005. if u r suitable/interested or have friends who might be, please please please contact me. thanks. aaron chung at [expired]

Posted: 29 March 2005
Location: Singapore
Posting: ANIMATION STUDIO looking for interns to help out on set for Kids' Drama. Required to commit from mid-May to mid-July. Actual shoot will take place from 2nd half of June onwards. Interns are required to help out with pre-production from mid-May to mid-June. Each position will be paid $400 per month. 2 positions required: 1) Production Assistant - mainly to help source and manage props and locations + can pick up camera skills on set by helping out the technical crew + guys preferred. 2) Wardrobe mistress - to help production manager source for kids' clothes (mainly 11 years olds) + to manage and maintain wardrobe during actual shoot + to do make-up for cast if necessary + last but not least, it's a kids drama so the wardrobe mistress should be comfortable working with kids (mainly 11 years olds). The pay aint fantastic but it will be a good opportunity for those interested to see for themselves how a tv production is run - from pre-prodn to the actual shoot itself, selected candidates will be working alongside experienced producers and camera crew. Interested parties please contact April @ [expired].

Posted: 7 March 2005
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: looking for a sound engineer for location ... the shot is on 22 Mar 2005 ... not more then 4 locations ... looking for people with passion ... get back soon amigos ... thanx. further information call me at [expired] ... bye.

Posted: 6 March 2005
Location: Singapore
Posting: Calling Dancing Enthusiasts! We are Film & Media Studies students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and our TVC script has recently been short listed to be shot on 16mm film and concurrently take part in the Porsche International Student Advertising Film Competition 2005 in Germany. TVC Duration: 45 Sec. Title: Cinderella. We are looking for 20 couples between the ages of 17-45 (any race), preferably with dancing background (eg. Waltz or Salsa / Tango etc.). Production will be a 1-2 days affair in the following week (14 - 20 March). As this project is non-commercial and profit base, there would not be any form of monetary payment however we do cover for transportation and meals during production. If you are a dancing enthusiast, don't miss this! Call us now and grab a partner if u have one. Interested parties please feel free to contact Jon at [expired] or Marie at [expired]. P.S. Do send us your CV if possible with your dancing experience, thanks.

Posted: 12 February 2005
Location: Singapore
Posting: We are a group of 3rd year Film students from Ngee Ann poly, doing a short 7-9 mins 16mm film called 'Eat', our final student film EVER. We are shooting from 24 - 27 Feb 2005, and we are looking actors for the following charactors, rather desperately may i add, due to the short time limt... CHARACTERS 1) NICOLE: Main character, female in her mid-twenties. She looks shy, but doesnít have to be overly introverted-looking. 2) MAN: He is the object of Nicoleís desire. He is the typical good-looking guy. He is tanned, short hair nicely styled. 3) PORTLY MAN: He is in his late-twenties to thirties. Look a little nerdy. 4) WAITRESSES: 3-4 waitresses at a restaurant. About 18-25 years old. Pleasant looking. Perhaps, 1 male waiter is fine too. 5) WOMAN 1: Must be able to or have a hearty unique laugh. Slightly plum middle age lady, preferably hair permed with tight curls and wearing make-up (think auntie). 6) YOUNG GIRL: Girl in her late teens, pleasant looking, sweet face. 7) WOMAN 2: [extras] Dining with WOMAN 1, middle-age lady. 8) MAN 2: [extras] Is dining with WOMAN 1 & 2. Husband of WOMAN 1. 9) FRIENDS: [extras] Friends of Young Girl. 4-5 people about the same age. Male or female. 10) CHEF: Man in his late 30ís with a very Ďseasonedí face like heís been through a lot. 11) ASSISTANTS: Assistants to the chef. About 2-3 of them. Age range 17-26. With different looks. 12) KEVIN: [bit part] Friend of Matt. Young and energetic. 13) MATT: [bit part] Friend of Kevin. Fun to be around and quite boisterous. 14) MAN ON DATE: [bit part] Man with glasses, very prim and proper but not geeky or nerdy. 15) WOMAN ON DATE: [bit part] Female who is polite looking but is not ravishing looking. Quite the Plain Jane type. 16) BIRTHDAY GIRL: Sweet looking female in her early 20ís. 17) FRIENDS: Friends of birthday girl. Group of about 5-6. Male and female. Age group 18- 26. Young and fun looking. Points to note: this will be a non paying thing, however, GOOD FOOD (the title is EAT afterall, u could even eat the props AFTER ur provided meals!), transport, credits, a copy of the final film, would be given. We (and our overbearing but pleasant lecturer) plan to send this film to SIFF so bet on this to be a good production! Rehearsals are needed too, btw. We need to lockdown our cast soon hence we would love it if we could meet up for a somewhat-casual-audition asap at a simliar free-time-in-schedule. Please feel free to DIRECTLY call the CASTING DIRECTOR, Angeline at [expired] to arrange a meet! Thank YOU! Jesse, 'EAT' Assistant Director

Posted: 10 February 2005
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Singapore
Posting: Looking for a low-budget feature film script. (Limited locations. Small cast. No special effects. GREAT story!) All genres will be considered except 'horror'. English only. Looking to shoot by Jun 2005 in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Majority of budget in place. Please send a BRIEF SYNOPSIS of your COMPLETED script for now. Thank you. Dean Cunico Ghazi, TeamDean Productions. Tel: [expired]

Posted: 10 February 2005
Location: Singapore
Posting: We are a group of students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Film and Media Studies (Advanced Diploma in Film Production-ADFP). We are looking for talents to fulfil the roles of our lead and supporting characters in our upcoming short film. Title: 'Faded'. Duration: 10 mins. Production Dates: 18 - 21 Feb 2005. Genre: Drama. Main Characters: 1) Traveler - Tanned Chinese male with playing age of late teens. Able to speak and understand Chinese. 2) Woman - Chinese female with playing age of late teens. Able to speak and understand Chinese. Supporting Cast: 1) Young Boy - aged between 10 - 13. Play as the traveler when young. 2) Grandmother. 3) Mother - playing age 40s. Must be able to speak and understand Chinese and Cantonese. 4) Father - playing age 50 - 50s. Must be able to speak and understand Chinese and Cantonese. Interested? Feel free to contact Marie Kwok (Producer) at [expired] or Jessica Tan (Director) at [expired]. Hope to hear from you soon! Regards, Marie

Posted: 7 February 2005
Location: Singapore / Canada
Posting: We are currently in development of a Movie-of-the-Week (International Co-Production), and we are looking for a film industry professional who will be part of our key cast. The successful applicant will be required to work closely with the director on read-throughs and preliminary blocking, before principal photography commences. The candidates required should possess the following skills and abilities: Actors (male/female) + Ages 20-45 + Amateur and Professional Level acting welcome + Ability to balance theatrics and improvisation. Available roles include leads, as well as smaller roles. All backgrounds (film, theatre, stand-up) welcome. In depth experience Method Acting is an asset, but not a must. We welcome both union (Actra) and non-union applications. We are looking for a talented student, recent graduate or established industry professional. These positions are fully compensated. If you are interested, please submit headshot and a resume of your past work experience and cover letter. All applications should be sent via email ONLY directly to: [expired]. Our company website: www.brosmedia.com . Application deadline: 20 Mar 2005

Posted: 3 February 2005
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: I need to have freelancers especially video editor, make up artist, camera crew and list of companies to rent video equipment for my upcoming project. Urgently need online editor to operate DVstorm and Pinnacle. Please reply to me to add their name into my list. Dr. Megat Al Imran Yasin, Jabatan Komunikasi, Fakulti Bahasa Moden & Komunikasi, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang 43400 Selangor, Malaysia. Contact [expired]

Posted: 2 February 2005
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: Looking for cinematographer & art director. I'm planning to shoot my short film in March, anyone interested can send their resume to me or come to CENFAD this friday-sunday (4 - 6 Feb 2005). We are casting on that day. Thanks. E-mail: [expired]

Posted: 31 January 2005
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: KELAB AKAR GITA ESTETIKA Kuala Lumpur (AGE) mempelawa ahli-ahli yang berminat untuk menghadiri satu sesi ujibakat pelakon teater untuk Festival Teater Malaysia. Tarikh : 5 Feb 2005. Jam : 8.00-11.00 malam. Tempat: Pejabat Kebudayaan Wilayah Persekutuan (laluan masuk ke Saloma Bistro). Turut dicari ialah mereka yang berminat sebagai pemuzik dan tenaga belakang pentas. Sila hubungi: ZP [expired] / SM [expired] / Bozo [expired]. Terima kasih.

Posted: 28 January 2005
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: hi ... im a producer looking for short film scripts ... more towards comedy ... but i do accept any kind of scripts ... pls contact me for futher information at [expired] ... i need it asap ... thanx.

Posted: 27 January 2005
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: Casting for short videos!!! Auditions: 5 - 6 Feb 2005 (Sat/Sun: 10am - 4pm). Venue: Center for Advance Design (CENFAD), 24 Jalan Kia Peng, KL. Male & female: 18 to 35 years old. All majoring in acting with/without experience are invited. Theatrical actors are most welcomed. More info: Abd Samad at [expired] or Herman at [expired].

Posted: 6 January 2005
Posting: Looking for Chinese Game Show Director to work overseas. USD $1,000 - $3,000 depending on experiences. Able to speak mandarin or cantonese. Any one interested pls reply Oliver Lee: [expired] with contacts. Thanks.

Posted: 2 January 2005
Location: Singapore
Posting: Casting Call for short film to be shot in early February 2005. Audition: 8 Jan 2005 (1 pm - 6 pm). Location: National Youth Council, Ingenuity Room, 1st Floor at 113 Somerset Road (Beside the Youth Park, Diagonally Opp Orchard Cineleisure). 'Motel 66' - Set in the prevailing red light district of Geyland, Singapore. 'Motel 66' relates the uncanny rendezvous of two emotionally displaced workers; an innocent female security guard and a male sex vendor. Trapped in the fabric of their shared environment, through opportune encounters, they find ironically solace in each other amidst their amoral surroundings. Actors required for the following roles: 1) Male Prostitute / Gigolo - Age: 25 - 33 + Chinese Male + Cantonese speaking + Charm and character needed. No sex scenes, nothing over the top, just natural subtle performance. (Character acting sort, think Leslie Cheung/Tony Leung). 2) Female Security Guard - Age: 20 - 30 + Vibrant young chinese girl + Mandarin or Cantonese speaking + Even better if Mainland Chinese with strong Mainland accent. Singaporeans with fluent command of chinese welcome. (Think Faye Wong in Chungking Express, free spirited sort). 3) Fat Chinese Boss / Owner of motel - Age: 50 - 70 + Chinese male + Must be fat, the larger the better + Cantonese speaking. 4) Other Extras - Chinese Middle-aged women + Motel Patrons (both male and female adults wanted). Please bring along CVs and recent photos whenever possible, though not a necessity. All are welcome. Major roles are paid suitable remuneration. Please contact Felicia Tan at [expired] for further enquiries.

Posted: 4 December 2004
Location: London, Great Britain
Posting: POMEGRANATE PICTURES LIMITED is pleased to announce its 1st year sponsorship of the Scriptpartnerships Screenplay Competition. Apart from the prizes, the top three grand finalists will be promoted throughout the UK and USA film industry and all works submitted to the competition will be looked at by Scriptpartnerships and their sponsors Pomegranate Pictures Limited for future production needs. The low entrance fee is designed to allow the struggling writers to promote themselves to the industry. The contest is in two parts, part 1: A monthly treatment contest, winners contacted each month; Part 2: The winners of the monthlyís must produce a full working script to be presented at the end of the year into the grand final. All projects must be for commercially driven feature film, any genre. Competition starts 1 Jan 2005 until 31 Dec 2005. Eligibility: Open to anyone world wide. Entry fee: [waived]. Grand finalistís awards -- 1st: £2,250, 2nd: £1,750, 3rd: £750 (or the equivalent in US$ / Euros). All monthly treatment winners will receive free membership to Pomegranate Pictures Limited association for three years. Notification: Monthly winnerís and GRAND FINAL March 2006. Address: Scriptpartnerships Screenplay Competition, Empire House, 175 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London, W1J 9TB Great Britain. Email: [expired] . Please see website: www.pomegranatepictureslimited.co.uk for details mid December 2004.

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