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Posted: 19 December 2003
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: Good day! This is an Audition Call for a 75 minutes ghost drama, looking for actors: 1) Chen/Chinese lady (24 - 28)/speak Cantonese/as a reporter. 2) Ming/Chinese guy (24 - 28)/speak Cantonese/as a reporter. 3) An/Chinese guy (30 - 45)/speak Cantonese/as a business man. 4) Hua/Chinese lady (25 - 30)/speak Cantonese/as a wife of a business man, has few crying scenes. 5) Kuan/Chinese guy (30 - 45) speak Cantonese/as a business man, being cheated, tortured by his best friend, got a strange ill, vomit. 6) Sarah/Chinese lady (23 - 35)/speak Cantonese/a concubine, fierce. 7) Ivan/Chinese guy (28 - 35)/speak Cantonese. 8) May/Chinese lady (27 - 30)/speak Cantonese/agitated by Carrie-a spirit. 9) Edward Chow/Chinese guy (30 - 45)/speak Cantonese/killed his ex-girlfriend, well in expressing scare, nervous and worry. 10) Aunty Ho/Chinese old woman (50 - 58)/speak Cantonese. 11) Ritchie/Chinese lady (25 - 28)/speak Cantonese/well in expressing frighten. 12) Carrie/Chinese lady (25 - 28)/Tried to kill someone but got killed in the end. 13) May's mother/Chinese old lady (50 - 55)/speak Cantonese. 14) An old lady (60 - 65)/speak Hokkien/fierce but the way she scold people is kind of cute. 15) Ching/ Chinese guy (40 - 45)/speak Cantonese/an old worker of an advertising company, belittled by his office-mates and wife, always complain his life in front of the tombstone of his son. 16) Ping/Chinese women (38 - 45)/Ching's wife/Loves Ching a lot but she never shows, always scolds Ching for not prospects enough. 17) K.K./Chinese guy (28 - 25)/Ching's office mates, got higher salary than Ching and always look down upon him, got killed in a mystery and scary accident. 18) Jack/Chinese guy (28 - 25)/Ching's office mates, very close with KK. and looks down upon Ching as well, got killed together with K.K. 19) Peter/Chinese guy (30 - 38)/speak Cantonese. 20) Zai Zai/Chinese buy (6 - 10)/Well in expression. And some extras. Anyone interested, please contact me, Yuyin [expired]

Posted: 8 November 2003
Location: Singapore
Posting: URGENT call for actors of ANY race, age. Looks do not matter, as an appropriate script will be built around willing actors/actresses. Friendly crew will put you at ease. Short 15 min film to be submitted for local short film competition. Any prize money will be shared. Shooting will take place on 8 or 9 Nov 2003. Don't hesitate to contact Roger @ [expired] for more info. Thanks n cya!

Posted: 5 October 2003
Location: Singapore
Posting: Hello to all aspiring actors! This is an Audition Call for a Short Film entitled Photograph, to be shot in December 2003. This film will be entered into various local and/or international competitions and film festivals as the opportunity arises. This is an excellent way for passionate actors and budding talents to spice up their CV, or further their experience in front of a camera. Photograph is a story about the subtle discrimination within our human nature towards the uncultured and lower-class in society. The story is told through the experience of a young avid photographer, who although prides himself as a socially educated person who does not discriminate ethnicity or class, soon learns that he bears more prejudice within him than he realizes. The 4 key roles required to be filled are: 1. (School) Student, 16 - 20 years old - Hobbyist Photographer. / 2. (School) Student, 16 - 20 years old - Easy-going buddy of protagonist. / 3. Elderly Man, 55 - 65 years old / 4. Little Girl, 6 - 10 years old. Audition dates: 9 Oct (2 pm - 6 pm) or 11 Oct 2003 (10 am - 2 pm). Location: National Youth Centre (opposite Orchard Cineleisure, Youth Park) Audacity Room, 1st Floor. Address: 113, Somerset Rd, #01-02. Please feel free to contact me, Daryl Yap, at [expired] if you have any questions, or need more information. Students or parties who are in the midst of their examinations or an important activity, but are interested, are encouraged to enquire anytime before 25 Nov 2003 about possible future audition dates. I can also be reached at [expired]. A publicity flyer with fuller details is also available upon request.

Posted: 27 September 2003
Location: Singapore
Posting: Ngee Ann Polytechnic final-year student production 'Last Call for The Train', a tale of intrigue and freedom set in the bygone era of 1930's Singapore requires actors & actresses for the following roles: LEAD ROLES 1) Wai Mun - Chinese Male, 20 - 30 yrs, sleek 1930's gangster type. 2) Fang Rong - Chinese Female, 18 - 30 yrs, fair-skinned and attractive. SUPPORTING ROLES 1) Assassin - Any Race, Male, 20 - 40 yrs, looks are not an important factor. 2) Boss - Any Race, 28 - 60 yrs old, looks are not an important factor. For more Information, pls contact AL at [expired] before 25 Oct 2003. 5-day shoot in November.

Posted: 24 July 2003
Location: Singapore / Malaysia
Posting: Rock band looking for talented keyboard player for studio works. Preferably classical trained. Influence includes Deep Purple, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, MSG and Yngwie Malmsteen. Urgent! Mailto [expired]

Posted: 16 July 2003
Location: Singapore
Posting: Casting call for up-coming film backed by Singapore Film Commision, 'Road Rage Rendezvous'. Auditions at The Substation, 45 Armenian Street on 19 Jul (10am-6pm), 20 Jul (10am-6pm) and 26 Jul 2003 (2pm-10pm).
MAIN CAST: 1) Lee (45-55), ex-Security guard/taxidriver. Tanned with 'Garang' face. Tall, fit and slim. Speak English. Low voice a bonus. 2) Selveraja (45), ex-army boxer now part time taxi driver. MGR face with sideburns and hairstyle. Stout but fit. Speak English with Tamil accent. Humble looking. 3) Angry Boy Lee (35), short, angry looking Chinese. Singlish. 4) Mai (16), underage prostitute from Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam. Good looking. Preferable slightly older but can pass off for 16. 5) Jeffrey (Late 20), overseas scholar, four-eyed government servant, drinks wine and eats French cheese. Posh accent. 6) Lee's wife (40s). Mandarin.
SMALL ROLES: 1) Poet (late 20/30s), Chinese gangster. Ability to recite Chinese poetry a plus. Dialect/Mandarin. No front teeth a plus. 2) Big Boss (40s), stout Malayan Chinese Gangster boss. Battle scar on forehead a plus. 3) Lee's sweaty Neighbour (40s), creepy guy, might be involved in internet porn scam. 4) Lee's wife's lover (40s), Chinese educated engineer type. 5) Ah Lee (20s), Chinese slacker with bad attitude. 6) Bus driver (late 20/30s), failed the courtesy campaign. 7) Hokkien hawker (20s), skinny guy, well cut body and tattoos. 8) Ms Kok (mid-late 20), Malaysian prostitute. Great body, potentially attractive but sour face. Dialect/Singlish.
OTHER ROLES: 1) RYW Stepharn (late 20), successful young maverick who owns a Ferrari or equivalent. Good looking but little overweight. Preferably Asian. 2) Rashika (late 20), Northern Indian movie star look. 3) Charles (late 20/30s), English expat married to local. 4) Captain Brooks (70s), old English sea dog retired to Singapore. 5) Mrs Brooks (60s), plumpish Thai Lady with friendly face. 6) Brutus (20s), pumped up African American US Marine. Preferably 5'10" to 6'2". Speaks 70s jive a plus!

Posted: 3 July 2003
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: The ROSIHAN BROTHERS ('Lips to Lips', 'Gedebe') is inviting male and female actors between ages 18-25 to audition for an upcoming indie movie 'Bulan di Bukit Bintang'. Please call the production manager (LIRA) at [expired] or fax: [expired]

Posted: 28 June 2003
Location: USA
Posting: EUGENEALLEN EASH PRODUCTIONS - Currently seeking singers, dancers, models, comedians, jugglers & specialty acts for upcoming show productions. Please submit promotional material to EugeneAllen Eash Productions, 255 Front Beach Dr. #31, Ocean Springs, MS. 39564, USA. For more information call: [expired] or mailto [expired]. Website: www.eashshows.com

Posted: 19 April 2003
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: 'Kangkung' short drama: 1. Girl / Chinese (8 - 10), speak Hokkien, Mandarin or Cantonese. RM80 per day. 2. Boy / Chinese (8 - 10), speak Hokkien, Mandarin or Cantonese. RM30 per day. 3. Mother / Chinese (35 - 45), speak Hokkien, Mandarin or Cantonese and Malay. RM80 per day. 4. Grandma / Chinese (55 - 65), speak Hokkien, Mandarin or Cantonese. RM30 per day. 5. Makcik / Malay (45 - 55), speak Malay. RM80 per day. 6. Uncle or Auntie / Indian (35 - 55), speak Tamil and Malay. RM80 per day. (Price negotiable). Interested please contact ASAP. We will send you the script. Call Xinni at [expired]

Posted: 13 April 2003
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: A short film project, 'First Print' by a group of students from CENFAD is looking for an actor: Chi / Chinese Male (late 20's). Flat straight-short-black hair, high cheekbones, skinny. Can speak English. Call Naquib at [expired]

Posted: 6 April 2003
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: A short film by students from Multi-Media University titled 'NEWSPAPER' looking for actors: 1. Fai / Chinese male (25). Hongkie guy, a photo-journalist, loves exploring the colours of the world. (Speak English). 2. Fen / Chinese female (24). A fresh university graduate. (Mandarin). 3. Han / Indonesian male (19). A legal foreign worker, immature. (Indonesian). 4. Sha / Malay male. Father of an enthusiastic child, often torn between his paternal duties and doing the best thing, had just lost his job. (Malay). 5. Mr Lee / Chinese male (45). Person in charge of the Selangor Education Auxiliary Program, have an unpredictable temper. (Mandarin). 6. Secretary Lee / Chinese female (23). Has an intellectual outlook but blundering in real life. (Mandarin). 7. Faiís colleague / Chinese female (27). A newsletter reporter, intellectual but too realistic. (Mandarin). 8. Han's friend / Indonesian male (20 - 23). Chatty and pretentious. (Indonesian). 9. Hua / Malay male (7). Sha's kid, energetic. (Malay). 10. Extras for a cinema scene. Anonymous character, no auditions required. Anyone interested, contact Yuyin at Yahoo Messenger ID : [expired] or mailto [expired] . Website: http://the_newspaper.tripod.com/

Posted: 24 February 2003
Location: Singapore
Posting: We are a film production house conducting auditions for an English sitcom for MediaCorp Studios Singapore. The following lead roles are open for auditions: 1. Indian/Eurasian Male (22 - 35), fair-complexion, attractive, can be a mummy boy and lady's man. 2. Chinese Female (22 - 28) fresh-faced and sweet-looking, attractive, independent, lively, have a bubbly personality. The roles require English-speaking actors. The casting date is 1. 25 Feb (2 pm - 9 pm) and 2. 26 Feb 2003 (9 am - 12 pm). By appointment only. For appointments please call Weiwei or Bee Bee of DREAM FOREST PRODUCTIONS at (HP) [expired] or (HP) [expired]

Posted: 21 February 2003
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: PUSTAKA CIPTA SDN BHD is conducting auditions for a Malay musical DV film. The first round of auditions is being held for actors aged between 18 to 35. Ability to sing is preferable, but not necessary. For more information call Maya or Lira at [expired] or [expired].

Posted: 19 February 2003
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Posting: My name is Woo Ming Jin. I am making an ultra low budget indie film entitled 'In time for Fireflies'. I am looking to cast the following roles: 1. Chinese Women (40 - 75). 2. Chinese Men (40 - 75). 3. Chinese Woman (18 - 25). 4. Malay Men (20 - 40). Auditions will be held the first and third weekend of Mar 2003. Please contact me [expired] or Mike Chuah [expired]

Posted: 18 February 2003
Location: New York
Posting: Record producers looking for new young (17 - 25) talent for R&B girl group. NY base record producers still seeking fresh professionals (demo, professional resume & head/body shots). Need only apply by February. Union Status: Non-Union. Do not submit after: 21 Feb 2003. Please contact Mr. Smithen at [expired] or mailto [expired]

Posted: 29 January 2003
Location: Malaysia
Posting: Casting call for a short film 'The Tourist': 1) Tourist / scruffy American type (20s - 30s), amicable but irresponsible, commitment-phobic, somewhat shallow but well-meaning. 2) Rita / Indian female (20s), young professional, smart, pretty, likes to dance and enjoy life, gregarious, good English. 3) Man #1 and #2 / Chinese or Malay (30s - 40s), cultured and articulate local men, good English. 4) Tourism officer / Malay woman (20s - 40s), small build. 5) Expatriate / European male (20s - 40s). 6) Man #1 and #2 / Indians (30s - 40s), both had arranged marriages, like to do things their wives donít like. 7) Man / Australian (40s), likes to tell bad jokes. 8) Ritaís roommate / Chinese woman (20s), good friend, a little jealous of Ritaís ability to so fully embrace life. 9) Pirate / male (20s - 30s), can deliver a punchline. Interested mailto Stephanie Sun: [expired]

Posted: 19 January 2003
Location: Singapore / Malaysia
Posting: Auditions for feature film shooting in 2003 Borneo, looking for (1) Actress aged between 20 and 30, Pan Asian (Malay / European), (2) Arab looking man aged between 30 and 40, and (3) Arab looking man aged between 45 and 60 yrs. E-mail cv and photo to [expired] or please call (Singapore number) [expired] for further information, actors must speak Malay Bahasa and English, experience in front of camera helpful.

Posted: 7 January 2003
Location: Malaysia
Posting: Short film scripts in English and Chinese for sale. (Skrip dalam Bahasa Malaysia sedang ditulis.) Interested? E-mail How Lit Tong: [expired]

Posted: 30 December 2002
Location: Malaysia
Posting: Doghouse 73 announces open auditions for Amir Muhammad's The Big Durian, a fiction/documentary hybrid based on a tumultous period of recent Malaysian history. The story rely partly on improvisation thus a good imagination is essential. This multi-lingual movie is open to Malaysians of all ages, races and sizes. Auditions will take place on 4, 5 and 11 Jan 2003 (10.00 am to 5.30 pm) at Pustaka Cipta, 59-2 Jalan 5/76B, Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur. Please contact production manager Grace Looi at [expired] for appointment. It is crucial you read the movie concept at http://thebigdurian.tripod.com/ before the audition.

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