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Location: Ukraine
Posting: My name's Elena and I am happy to present you music group for the job in entertainment music sphere. ViArt String Quartet is a classic instrumental ensemble, formed from two violins, a viola and one cello, and it was founded in 2004 based on our desire and pleasure of playing music from a very wide palette of musical genre. We want to share and to bring joy in people’s heart through our performance. The members of the quartet have a wide experience in playing music, as instrumental artists of different orchestras and chamber music ensembles, in Ukraine and abroad. Two of our members have experienced also playing on a cruise ship (2009-2010), under Celebrity Cruises Line. We all are very skilful and talented musicians with extended repertoire and brilliant appearance. Our objectives: Recitals, concerts, recordings, orchestra, gigs. To assure yourself of it please take a look at the materials. You can see and hear us by going to the following link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjMn4oAtn78 | www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs3MiCS8ZPo | www.youtube.com/watch?v=C19XZO0-fuE. All questions and business offers you can send to viartsq[AT]ua.fm. With best wishes, Elena

ViArt String Quartet

Location: Singapore
Posting: My name is James Sim (Jiawei), age 27 (2009), Singaporean. Does your event company have this kind of performance or demos? Do you have a job for this category? I just want to introduce you this sport and you can see my pass video here www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJwoXBRslm0. Thanks, Sim. E-mail: james.simflat[AT]gmail.com

Location: Poland
Posting: The Official MOZART Year 2006. The Magic Flute - Tour Version. From Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The most celebrated opera ever. A unique Event performed by The Choir, Orchestra and The Great Opera from Poland. For more information & booking: E-mail: unitedshow[AT]t-online.de or Website: www.unitedshow-music.com

The Magic Flute

Location: Tahiti
Posting: First time worldwide available Arena Revue. The Dream of Paradise by the National Ballet of French Polynesia. A celebration of the legendary beauty, music and dances from the mystic islands far away. This new world class performance will reach the audience in storm, after 2 hrs. in an exciting voyage to paradise. More than 300 colourful costumes with cast of 45. For more information please contact: United Show & Music Int., The European producers Association. E-mail: unitedshow[AT]t-online.de or Tel./Fax: ++49 89 9575120

Dream of Paradise

Location: The Philipines
Posting: I would like to introduce our company, Rosas Entertainment & Placement Agency, based in Metro Manila, Philippines. We have been exporting entertainers/performing artists around Asia, particularly in 4 and 5-star resort hotels around Japan since 1975. We are interested in sending individuals or groups for shows in Europe who are available for 3-months, 6-months to 1-year contracts. Our budget is very reasonable because of the dollar exchange in our country. For more information, please visit http://geocities.com/rosas_entertainment/Services.html and http://geocities.com/rosas_entertainment/PhotoGallery.html or e-mail rosas_entertainment[AT]yahoo.com . Sincerely, Cherissa Rodriguez-Chastain (PRO - Rosas)

Location: Germany
Posting: On World Tour Carmen. Music by G. Bizet. The great success in opera featuring Bolschoi Opera Minsk and The Bolschoi Opera Orchestra. Musical Director & Conductor Wilhelm Keitel. Directed by Margarita Izvorska. This opera production is specially designed for easy touring. Special tour conditions. For more information please contact: United Show & Music Int., The European Producers Association. Website: www.unitedshow-music.com or E-mail: unitedshow[AT]t-online.de


Location: Iraq
Posting: Dr. Ahmed from Iraq. I play cello. As you know during the last regime in Iraq the Iraqi Symphony did not have the right to travel outside and now we can. We try to connect the Iraqi people with people of the world through music by going to countries around the world to play music and to show the real Iraq not as portrayed by the media. Since we do not have the money to travel so we contact many countries asking to invite us. We played in America, Jordan and Dubai. Spain offers to invite us next year. If you can do officially, at the Ministry of Culture or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we will be very thankful for your hospitality. You will help us to show the real Iraq and Islam as a religion of freedom. I will give you the e-mail of the director for music department in the ministry for arrangement. Yours, Dr. Ahmed Abdullah. E-mail: ahmed_hasoon[AT]yahoo.com

Location: Singapore
Posting: I am the Manager of the Twin Stars, both identical twin girls from Singapore. Only 11 years old (2003), they have performed in more than 50 shows all around the island of Singapore. We would like to seek opportunities to perform in Malaysia. Please spend some time viewing their portfolio and video at www.twinstarsss.com . For further information e-mail Christopher Peh at christopherpeh[AT]yahoo.com.sg

Twin Stars

Performing artists
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Talents For Hire
Performing Artists | Various Talents | Music Talents | Register Now!

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