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   Date: 8 April 2008

An advisory for ANYBODY sending postal items to Malaysia

If you have plan to send any postal item to Malaysia PLEASE THINK AGAIN. Chances are your mail would be intercepted at POS MALAYSIA BHD mails depot in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Yes, valuable items send to somebody (other than ordinary letters) MOST LIKELY be stolen including cash currency, money order, postal order, bank draft, check, personal items and gifts. In fact, EVERYTHING not safe!

The long tradition of thievery has been ongoing ever since it was a Government department. So shameful, indeed, because POS MALAYSIA BHD staff who are mostly indigenous Malays committed this perpetual crime. They have no sense of guilt even though stealing is prohibited in Islam and the ill-gotten gain is haram.

Nothing ever change after it was privatised as POS MALAYSIA BHD except for price hike of postage stamps and continued poor services. This cash rich company that enjoys a MONOPOLY further cut down the number of postmen to improve operating profits despite declining delivery quality. There is more than one reported cases of postmen hiding away sacks of undelivered mails. All complaints of missing or stolen items would be treated as "an unfortunate case". Don't expect any compensation for your lost items from the incompetent management.

We advice that you use alternative method such as international courier services if you must send any valuable item to someone in Malaysia. It will cost a bit more but definitely save you a big headache and long heartache from losing valuables meant for someone you love. N

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