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   Date: 05 March 2003

Calling All Aspiring Filmmakers

Good news for all aspiring screenwriters! If the local scene is no good for you -- look at the greener place elsewhere. Nearly 100 screenwriting competitions organized worldwide each year. Cash awards, prizes, coverage and submission to major studios for winning entries.

Logon to www.felix-entertainment.com/project/filmtest.htm for list details.

Indie filmmakers can submit your works to various film festivals organized by reputable organizations. Over 300 film festivals held in the United States and in other parts of the world. Various film categories to enter each year. Best way to market your films to prospective major and independent film distributors. Opportunity to network with the industry practitioners.

Logon to www.felix-entertainment.com/project/festival.htm for list details.

Wish you all the best. N

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