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   Date: 28 February 2002

Wanted: Venture Capital and Project Partners

FelixEntertainmentDotCom is looking for business partners. Potential candidates are entrepreneurs, organizations or foundations who would share our vision and maintain our leadership position in Asia. Our business is about idea and innovation. We specialize in pioneer product concepts where there are no market leader. We are unlike other so-called 'dotcom'.

FelixEntertainmentDotCom is no poor man's www.yahoo.com, www.amazon.com, www.napster.com, www.ebay.com or whatever many local IT wannabes. We are no sucker for advertising revenues like other mainstream internet portals. We don't sell curry spices, canned sardine and junk items on the Internet for petty commissions. We don't steal other people's copyright property and giveaway for free. We don't hire thousand geeks who are only interested in time costs. We are not another half baked e-commerce in world's most expensive IT resort.

FelixEntertainmentDotCom is not IT set-up. We are entertainment content creator. We operate an entertainment independent network for independent talents, producers and promoters to pool resources in projects they endeavor. The main objective is to provide innovative content choices for a niche market and value-added services for the entertainment industry -- via conventional outlets and online channels. We employ cutting edge concepts to cut production costs, enhance market presence and maximize delivery. Our vision is to become 'content provider' in audio, video and digital format accessible at your fingertip. We have talent resources in numbers and diversity.

FelixEntertainmentDotCom is antithesis of mainstream Internet portals. We maintain minimal overhead (rentals, utilities and payrolls) to trim operating costs. Our personnel are freelancing on project basis. We work on shoestring budgets with minimal capital. Our strategy is maximizing return on product copyright that generates 'spin-off' revenues over long period. We have advantage in terms of low production costs and product innovations. As one of Asia's pioneer mobile business, we have a matured perspective of problems faced by many dotcoms. We have pioneered many innovations in our business operations. Our overall strategy is building a full proof business model. View our products and services at www.felix-entertainment.com N

"Ten Reasons Why We Are One Of Internet Best Bet"
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c/o F-4-13 Block F, Seroja Apt., Jalan Putra Perdana 10, Taman Putra Perdana, 47130 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

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